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Constant Temperature and Humidification, Air-conditioner Experiment Device


  • The possibility of experiment on ventilation system (4-type) and cool - warm condition with heat pump
  • Assistant heat source with heat pump and humidification for both cooling and heating water
  • Humidification device made up of watering or air crossing type, inhalation and emission of conditioning damper and inside made up of inhalation and emission part
  • The structure of humidified cooling or heating water according to user's temperature control
  • The structure to operating system from outside and the structure to control inside temperature and humidity
  • Automatic control by systematic temperature and humidity
  • The sequence screen attached to the graphic module control department and power automatic control machine for experiment on temperature, pressure and automatic control and operation
  • The possibility of cutting the overload, working the pressure switch, alarm bell and a pilot lamp and safe operation with occurring the problem of a thermo-hygrostat
  • Application to refrigeration system for compressor of variable types
  • Operating Control (On, Off) of monitoring and machine using data saving function and electric control board in the PC (A optional accessory and the price)



  • Compressor : 1/2HP, single-phase 220V, Control Box
  • Condenser : Air-cooled type, Transparent glass tube
  • Heat exchanger for cool and warm water (2EA) : nipple clamp type
  • Evaporator for heat pump : pin, Tube Air-cooled type (welding type)
  • Liquid receiver : 1/2HP, transparent glass style
  • Accumulator : 1HP transparent glass style
  • Expansion Valve(2EA): manual expansion valve
  • Electronic Valve (4EA): : 3/8" nut clamp type or welding type
  • Filter dryer : 3/8" nut clamp type or welding type
  • Manometer: High Pressure, Low Pressure
  • Charging nipple : Attached to a nipple for Charging
  • Sight Glass : welding type or nut clamp type
  • Transportation pump(3EA) : 220V, 60Hz,
  • Sealing valve : 220V, 60Hz
  • Exhaust valve : 220V, 60Hz
  • Humidifier device: spray type and atmospheric crossing type
  • High and Low pressure switch : LPS, HPS, VOLT, AMPER METER


  • Sequence control screen: 795 x 600
  • Magnet Contact : 15A, 5a2b : 3EA
  • Relay (8Pin) : 4EA
  • Timer (24hr) : 1EA
  • Timer (60sec) : 1EA
  • THR : 1EA (with MC)
  • Digital thermometer: 13EA (temperature control type)
  • Hygrometer : 1EA (humidity control type)
  • Pressurizer and emission control
  • Power Control : toggle, PUSH BUTTON, selected switch
  • Safety device : Blocking overvoltage (N.F.B), buzzer, fuse
  • Pilot lamp : Red, Green, Yellow, White
  • Graphic panel: 1025 x 600 Power and Sensor
  • Connector


  • Banana jack red 20EA, black 20EA
  • High, low pressure hose, with power cable
  • 25p cable