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Ice Thermal Storage System (YPH-R-6000)

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[YES01 Youngil Education System ]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Ice Thermal Storage System (YPH-R-6000)


  • The possibility of the experiment on temperature, pressure, automatic control of the deice with Ice Accumulation and mechanical trouble
  • The comprehension of refrigeration system with Ice thermal storage and device's principle
  • The experiment on cycle change of refrigeration equipment according to temperature and Mollier diagram drawing in P-I diagram drawing part.
  • Theoretical education and experiment related to efficiency test of deice and Ice storage
  • Theoretical education of a fundamental circuit, application circuit and experiment with Ice storage
  • The sequence screen attached to the graphic module control department and power automatic control machine for experiment on temperature, pressure and automatic control and operation
  • Transparent accessories to observe refrigerant state or flow and principle of accessories
  • Unlike separated system from machine department, the control department is visual
  • Automatic control with graphic panel and two automatic control modules
  • ON-OFF control from the computer and automatic P-I diagram drawing with data (A optional accessory and the price)
  • Operating Control(ON,OFF) of monitoring and machine using data saving function and electric control board in the PC (A optional accessory and the price)



  • Compressor : 1/2HP, single-phase 220V, Control Box
  • Condenser : Air-cooled type, single-phase 220V, Transparent glass tube
  • Evaporator : Transparent chamber with accumulation of heat, Tube type
  • Liquid receiver : 1/2HP, transparent glass style
  • Accumulator : 1HP transparent glass style
  • Expansion Valve : manual expansion valve, capillary tube, automatic Expansion
  • Electronic Valve : : 3/8" nut clamp type or welding type
  • Filter dryer : 3/8" nut clamp type or welding type
  • Manometer: High Pressure, Low Pressure
  • Charging nipple : Attached to a nipple for Charging
  • Sight Glass : welding type or nut clamp type circulation pump : circulation for heat medium
  • Ice thermal storage box : acrylic box , stainless steel
  • High and Low pressure switch : LPS, HPS


  • Sequence control screen: 795 x 600
  • Magnet Contact : 15A, 5a2b : 3EA
  • Relay (8Pin) : 4EA
  • Timer (24hr) : 1EA
  • Timer (60sec) : 1EA
  • THR : 1EA (with MC)
  • Digital thermometer: 7EA (temperature control type)
  • Analog temperature
  • Power Control : toggle, PUSH BUTTON, selected switch
  • Safety device : Blocking overvoltage (N.F.B), buzzer, fuse
  • Pilot lamp : Red, Green, Yellow, White
  • Graphic panel: 795 x 600 Power and Sensor Connector